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The resort of Bad Gastein is situated in the heart of the Alpine Valley and is considered as one of the most beautiful resorts in Austria. Bad Gastein is proud of its amazingly beautiful and never freezing 314-meter waterfall. The resort has gained fame thanks to hot springs and healing radon galleries with radon fumes.

The valley if Gastein is well-known not only for thermal springs, it is also a famous skiing region. There is even a children's ski garden - for children from 3 years. Two ski schools engaged in training adults and children from 5 years. In addition, there are excellent opportunities for rock climbing, horseback riding, indoor tennis courts.

Holidays and festivals are held at the resort each after another, and the convenient railway connection with Salzburg allows to visit the Mozart Museum, the castle-fortress of Hohensalzburg, the Mirabell Palace.

Mineral springs were well-known and very popular since 19th century and was called like "Monte Carlo in the mountains".

Infrastructure of the resort:
- Gasteiner Helistolen Clinic - provides physical therapy and medical supervision, inhalation sessions in the galleries (closed in December - January).
- Felsenbad Therme in Bad Gastein - indoor and outdoor thermal pools (t water +34 C), a grotto with waterfall, a sauna and wellness center.
- Thermal Thermal Temple complex with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna area in the open air, and a solarium. There are also water slides for children.

Natural climatic factors of the resort:
- Therapeutic radon gallery (5 km from the Bad Gastein and 11 km from Bad Hofgastein) - a unique natural object, which is a special kind of medical institution, located in the region of the gold mines. Extremely effective action for the treatment of various diseases is due to a combination of natural medicinal components, which is created in a natural way - healing springs, breaks out of the rocks and the special conditions of speleotherapy (healing microclimate of mines).

Wet and warm environment opens the pores - and radon enters the body directly from the surface of the skin, activating the metabolism, improving the activity of glands, increasing the blood circulation and cell regeneration and protection processes. In total, in the valley, there are about 18 hot springs (temperature sources 42-46 ° C).

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Allergic diseases
- Gynecology
- Diseases of the autonomic nervous system (veins system)
- Diseases of the venous system and vennoy
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
- Diseases of the genitourinary system
- Metabolic Diseases
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- Skin diseases
- Cosmetology
- Cleansing the body
- Weight loss programs
- Rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the locomotor system
- Cardiovascular diseases

- Chronic diseases in the acute stage
- Acute infectious and inflammatory diseases
- Oncological diseases
- Acute heart failure
- Some skin diseases

Applied treatments:
- Physiotherapy
- Balneotherapy
- Kinesiotherapy
- Physiotherapy
- Massages
- Inhalation
- Mud treatments
- Homeopathy
- Aromatherapy (for the treatment of insomnia, eczema, lung diseases, chronic stress)
- Oriental massages
- Ayurveda

Prices for hotels and treatment programs - on request: