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Baden is a well-known Austrian thermal spa resort next to Vienna with a unique healing mineral water and sulfur springs, which are used for the prevention of various diseases.

The history of the resort goes in Roman times. In the Middle Ages there were a lot of important guests -  writers, poets, musicians, statesmen, such as Emperor Maximilian I and the Russian Tsar Peter I, Franz Joseph and Napoleon I and his wife, Maria Luisa, and the spot with the House of the congresses was named "Terezienbad" after the Empress Maria Theresa.

Currently Baden thermal baths turned into a large wellness center which is well-known not only throughout Austria but also abroad. 14 constitute the basis of natural recovery of sulfur sources with thermal water temperature 30-36 ° C, containing calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulfate and chloride, sulfur mud. Treatment promote and picturesque scenery of the forest, hills, parks, vineyards surrounding the historic thermal spa. Hot sulfur springs with unique chemical composition of water and the mild climate make it possible to treat rheumatic diseases, diseases of the joints, spine, arthritis, conduct post-traumatic rehabilitation.

Therapeutic procedures used in the resort:
- Water procedures on the basis of sulphurous water (bath, underwater massage, aqua gymnastics)
- Reflexology
- Mud
- Thalassotherapy
- Massages

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Stress
- Diseases of the venous system and vennoy
- Metabolic Diseases
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- Thyroid disease
- Cosmetology
- Cleansing the body
- Weight loss programs
- Rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the locomotor system
- Rheumatic diseases
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Immunity
- Chronic diseases in the acute stage
- Acute infectious and inflammatory diseases
- Oncological diseases
- Acute heart failure
- Some skin diseases

Prices for hotels and treatment programs - on request: