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Hluboka Castle + Cesky Krumlov

Duration: 1 day
Excursion type: car / bus, countryside excursion, individual excursion

Days of: individual tour - any day of the week.

Starting point: at the reception desk of your hotel.

Duration: 12 hours.

Distance in kilometers: Karlovy Vary - Cesky Krumlov 244 km. Cesky Krumlov - Castle Hluboka 34 km. Hluboka Castle - Karlovy Vary 213 km.

Unlike other castles of the country, Hluboka nad Vltavou quite gloomy. Its white walls make it almost airy. From a distance it looks absolutely unreal and like a castle from Disney cartoons. That view is required to lock the whim of its owner Eleonora Schwarzenberg, who in the middle of the XIX century ordered to rebuild it on the model of Windsor. Throughout its history, the castle Hluboka replaced 26 owners, each of them decorated it in his own way. As a result, it has an impressive collection of Dutch paintings, historical weapons and armor, porcelain and glass, as well as Flemish tapestries. Wooden ceilings and doors decorated with intricate carvings. Another story is connected with the door handle. It is made in the form of a crow, eye vyklёvyvayuschego Turkish soldiers. This was done to commemorate the victory over the Turks in the XVI century. When the castle has a beautiful glazed conservatory and park area of 190 hectares with rare species of trees. Tiny fabulous city, built around the castle of the same name and has retained its appearance since the Middle Ages. Here the river Vltava makes three sharp bends, surrounding the central part of the city. Coming out of the bus, once you find yourself in the scenery to any film:-gingerbread houses with red tiled roofs, the hills on the horizon and most importantly - the castle towering over the city. Although Krumlov - a small town, one day there will not be enough. Day in the city of the influx of tourists, and it is better to go with one overnight stay to see the evening deserted city. Just at this time the streets are lit torches instead of real lamps, illuminates from the castle walls.

5 things to do in Cesky Krumlov:

1. It is said that in Cesky Krumlov it is necessary to come three times. That's how much time does a loop of the Vltava river, surrounding the center from all sides.
2. Try a dish called "Old Bohemian feast with pheasant and rabbit," and drink mead in the tavern on the banks of the Vltava River with stunning views of the Castle
3. Visit the holiday Five-petalled Rose
4. Enjoy the opera in the projection of 360 degrees in a unique rotating theater
5. Look in the face of the most popular in Krumlov witch Annabella

  • Guide service
  • Individual transfer
Not included
  • Antry ticket Hluboka 210 CZK / person