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Rothenburg ob der Tauber on

Duration: 1 day
Excursion type: car / bus, countryside excursion, individual excursion

Starting point: Carlsbad stop shopping center "Atrium".

Days: Sundays from 08:00 to 20:00.

Distance in kilometers: Karlovy Vary - Rottenburg on Tauber 310 km.

The city carefully take care of the maintenance of the urban fabric of the sample of the XVII century. And to imagine how Rothenburg looked centuries ago, just look around. Here there is not neon signs, no new residential areas with houses, skyscrapers. And even telephone booths design seamlessly blends into the urban architecture. With great respect to the history of the city are themselves citizens. For example, there are several decorative post of city guards. A man in a black robe, with a halberd and a lamp every night bypasses the Old City. Ends circumvention Market size is where the guards are waiting for the tourists who are ready to listen to his stories about the glorious past of Rothenburg.

5 things to do in Rothenburg:

1. To visit the puppet theater for Action "Magic sip", which played in the windows Auberge gentlemen advisers
2. Evaluate the ancient device for torture and blame guilty townspeople - drunks, Flood, a womanizer in the Criminal Museum of the Middle Ages
3. Look at the bucket, from which in ancient times was poured hot tar on the enemy, and who remained at the gate of the park Burggarten
4. Visit the famous German Christmas Museum and the Museum of the Middle Ages crime.
5. Try the famous pies Stohl in a pastry

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