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Munich from Marianske Lazne

Duration: 1 day
Excursion type: car / bus, countryside excursion, individual excursion

Days of: individual tour - any day of the week.

Starting point: at the reception desk of your hotel.

Duration: 12 hours.

Distance in kilometers: Marienbad - Munich 268 km.

Munich - the capital of Bavaria, the largest federal state of Germany. Bavarians lovingly preserve their culture and traditions. In the days of national holidays, especially during Oktoberfest residents wearing national clothes - men leather pants, and women - the national dress with an apron "dirndl".
The first mention of the city dates back to the year 1158, its name sounded like Villa Munichen. In 1175 Munich received town status and walled. The origin of the town's name comes from the old German Mönche (monks), since according to legend, it is believed that the city was founded by Benedictine monks
Munich - the city of museums (46) and galleries (70). They contain works of great masters of Europe XVIII - XIX centuries such as Durer, Rembrandt, Rubens and Leonardo da Vinci. This wealth brought to the city by Louis I of Bavaria, who founded the most beautiful museums of the city - the old and new Pinakothek and the Glyptothek.
One of the most important attractions of Munich is the German Theatre Museum, which collects and stores the entire history of the Munich Theatre Museum BMW, tells us about one of the most popular car brands, the Deutsches Museum - the largest in Europe and world-renowned technical English Park.
Sightseeing and visiting important places of the city, you can go shopping. In Munich, many modern shopping centers, boutiques, international brands and small shops and stalls. The most famous shopping center is not only in Munich but Bayern is "Olympia" (near the Olympic Park)


- Every year, on the feast of Munich attracts about 6 million visitors.
- The celebration of beer consumed 5 million liters of beer, consumed more than 500 thousand chickens.
- Beer is sold on "Birtsbudenshtrasse" 14 festive pavilions.

7 things to do in Munich

1. See the first ever painting of a still life with a plucked turkey works by Francisco Goya again Pinakothek
2. Go to a cinematic alma mater Alfred Hitchcock
3. Learning to ride a surfboard in the English Garden
4. View looked like "old" PCs
5. Login to the cathedral, where a total of 500 years ago could fit all the people of the city
6. Spend an evening in the beer garden
7. Count the number of racing cars, which are placed in the "pan for sausages"

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