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Excursions from Jachymov

Vienna 2 days
Imperial, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious and at the same time very comfortable - all that can be said about Vienna. City of Mozart and Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
Munich - is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, a city of museums, city of German emperors Henry II and Ludwig of Bavaria and the capital of the kingdom of Bavaria, the city of Wagner and Strauss.
Prague is a city with a unique atmosphere, romantic and full of life, majestic, and little tanstvennaya and at the same time - an open and friendly. The unique historical core, together with Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, numerous churches, a rich collection of the Prague Baroque.

Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary is the biggest and most famous resort of the Czech Republic with a charming architecture on a background of green forest resort. During a two-hour walk through the resort town, we introduce you.
Loket Castle
The city, founded in the Middle Ages the first dynasty of Czech kings.
Vienna 1 day
Imperial, elegant, sophisticated, luxurious and at the same time very comfortable - all that can be said about Vienna. City of Mozart and Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

Salzburg - not only the birthplace of the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and location filming of the American movie "The Sound of Music" in Salzburg is world famous for its Baroque architecture and is one of the best preserved historical centers north of the Alps.
Berlin - a city of great opportunities. From Berlin breathtaking. It has the pace and dynamics. Look at Berlin, with its incomparable with anything comparable culture, green oases and lakes.
Ingolstadt Village near Munich - one of the nine "boutique towns' collection Chic Outlet Shopping in Europe. Throughout the year, there are significant discounts on the products and the world's best-known German brands.
Bamberg - is a small town in Bavaria, situated on the river Regnitz, a tributary of the Main. The city is called "the Venice of Germany" and the Venetian flavor you find in the fishermen's quarter - its buried in greenery flourishing settlements are on the water.
Regensburg - a grand medieval city with an incredibly beautiful interweaving of architecture in Germany and Italy, which is called "the northernmost city of Italy", the city, hitting his stately appearance and life-affirming spirit, which still full of life against the backdrop of the ancient walls.

Cesky Krumlov and Hluboka
Meet the beautiful postcard of the Czech Republic - town and Krumlov castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, a magnificent replica of English Windsor Castle with the rich interior.
We offer you an incredible trip to Dresden, called Florence on the Elbe, primarily because of the magnificent baroque buildings, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else in Germany.
Hof and Weiden
Germany - a wonderful place for all lovers of shopping. For shopping malls with lots of shops and seasonal discounts.
Wertheim Village - shopping
It employs 110 gorgeous boutiques: the perfect style, impeccable service, and selected brands. Here are both well-known German brands and global brands.
City gingerbread - lebkuhen and Nuremberg sausages -bratvyurst, located in the central part of Bavaria on the river Pegnitz. Free Nuremberg was considered the most German city in Germany.
Castles of Bavaria
One of the most beautiful in Europe - Neuschwanstein Castle - now part of Cisco the most photographed castles in the world. Nearby is another no less interesting Castle - Hohenschwangau, which was the residence of King Ludwig II.
Baden Baden
The small and beautiful town of Baden-Baden, which is called the "Summer Capital of Europe", is a popular German resort known throughout the world.