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Karlovy Vary is the most famous resort in Czech Republic. People come to have a treatment from all over the world. The mineral water of thermal springs give a remarkable effect, and doctors here are great as well.

Treatment in Karlovy Vary is based on the usage of local mineral water. There are 79 different springs here, and the water from 13 of them is potable. In general, chemical composition of the water in different springs is almost identical, the elements which content might differ is carbon dioxide. There are carbonaceous sulfate sodium and hydrocarbonaceous sodium thermal waters.

Water temperature in the warmest spring is 72 degrees, in the other springs it varies from 30 to 64 degrees. For treatment in Karlovy Vary mineral waters are used for drinking and for different balneological procedures: baths and hydrotherapy.
The hotels and sanatoriums also provide  massages and mud therapy, inhalations and oxygenotherapy, acupuncture and phototherapy, ultrasound treatment and ionic medication, diadynamic therapy, aromatherapy etc. Local climate, fresh air and placatory atmosphere assist the treatment greatly.

The minimum teratment course starts from 7 to 28 days, and a patient takes 2-4 procedures daily.

Indications for treatment in Karlovy Vary:
- Stomach treatment is one of the basic therapy areas in Karlovy Vary: gastritis, diseases of liver and gallbladder, enteric infection
- Locomotive system treatment: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis
- Diabetes treatment and other metabolism problems: obesity, gout, atherosclerosis
- Different nervous system diseases: stress, depression, inquietude, neuralgis
- Periodontic diseases: periodontitis, gingivitis, parodontosis


- Pregnancy
- Acute conditions of chronic illness
- Problems with alcohol and drugs

Сontradictions for treatment:

- tuberculosis
- oncological diseases;
- pathological changes in biliary tracts
- epilepsy
- grave mental disease
- herniated disks
- frequent haemorrhages and circulatory disturbance
- hypertension