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Treatment in the Czech Republic aimed at prevention, rehabilitation and wellness goals with the use of natural healing factors. Current treatment in the Czech Republic - a wide range of treatments: ingallyatsii, herbal medicine, fitobalneoterapiya, heliotherapy, endrogennoe breath dhatelnye practice and exercise, mud wraps, herbal baths, aerotherapy, occupational therapy, treatment method Kneipp, intestinal lavage, bromine and mineral baths, radon , sulfur, carbon dioxide baths, Scottish shower, all types of massage. Spa treatment is physiological and has a lasting effect compared with pharmaceuticals. Each resort of the Czech Republic can offer the treatment and prevention of certain diseases: Sanatorium Carlsbad specialize in the treatment of gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal system, and also offer a variety of rehabilitation programs in Marianske Lazne treat kidney disease and musculoskeletal system, in Franzensbad - gynecology, in Podebrady - sosudistnye cardiovascular disease. Another benefit of the treatment in the Czech Republic - it is possible to combine recreation with a saturated excursion program.

Medical programs description

Anticancer programm
Anticancer program is a program of rehabilitation for patients in the last 2 years successfully underwent treatment of malignant tumors. After a medical examination and consultation of the oncologist is assigned on the basis individual therapeutic drinking cures and mineral baths. The main objective of this course sanatorium - rest and recovery of the immune system.
Antidiabetic program
It is an individually designed program that includes balneology procedures for the treatment of diabetes and obesity, prevention of osteoarthritis and other related complications. The mainstay of treatment - drinking cure and special diet. The program includes: board or half board, initial examination, laboratory tests, 1-2 treatments per day, dietary counseling, a final medical examination.
Antistress program
Anti-stress program is the best way to restore mental and physical shape under the supervision of specialists. The program includes full board, medical consultation, examination (if necessary), nutritional advice, drinking regime, several types of massages and other treatments.
Complex spa treatment
Complex spa treatment is the most effective when the length of stay at the resort is at least 14 days. Treatment course includes full board, control and final medical examination, laboratory tests prescribed by a doctor, the opportunity to consult a nutritionist, drinking cure, medical procedures 13-20 a week.
Detox program
Detox is the course of getting rid of the body harmful substances. Individual program is assigned based on the physical body functions (blood pressure, pulse), and includes drinking course, several kinds of massages, physiotherapy, lymphatic drainage, oxygen therapy. A nice bonus programs - weight loss, improved skin, hair and nails.
Gynecological program
Gynecologic program includes drinking course and a set of special treatments. Each patient is offered a treatment plan. Spa treatments are aimed at relieving symptoms of chronic gynecological diseases, as well as the overall strengthening of the body. The program is offered on the basis of full board or half board.
Relax program
Relax is the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. The program includes the traditional Karlovy Vary procedures (massages, mineral baths, oxygen therapy), the free swimming pool, sauna. A nice addition to the program - beauty treatment.
Therapy program
Traditional Radon Treatment
Fields of using Radon Therapy. Not only spa balneologists claim radon has anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. Radon therapy (radon baths) improves joint mobility and strengthen the body's immunity. It has a positive effect on blood pressure and enhances a blood circulation
Treatment by Dr. Mayer
Treatment of the program Dr. Mayer is the therapy aimed at cleaning the body, removing toxic substances, as well as weight reduction. Each patient is offered a set of treatments and individually composed diet, thereby reducing weight. The program is implemented strictly under the supervision of experienced physicians.
Vital program
Vital is the light cure program lasting more than 7 days on half board basis, including the initial and final medical examination, laboratory tests, drinking cure, 13 medical treatments per week, expert advice on diet food.
Weight Loss Program
Balanced light diet based on a variety of local and international cuisine, scheduled scans doctors-specialists, laboratory tests, and strictly on prescription rates of drinking, mineral therapy in combination with such procedures, as lymph drainage massages, water aerobics, mineral baths.
Wellness program
Wellness is a program aimed at relaxation and tranquility. Mineral baths, aromatherapy massage, oxygen therapy, swimming pool, sauna, as well as walks in Karlovy Vary parks allow you to completely relax. Ability to organize Nordic walking.

Medical procedures description

Acupuncture (acupuncture, acupuncture) - a procedure in which the effects on the body carried out by special needles through specific points on the body by introducing them to these points and manipulation. It is believed that these points are on the meridians, which circulates qi ("vital energy"). The method is widely used to relieve pain in medical and cosmetic purposes.
Electrotherapy is the use in therapeutic purposes of different types of electricity. The procedure carries tissue warming currents of variable frequency, which helps to improve blood circulation and metabolism. Electrotherapy also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects on the body.
Gas carbon dioxide
An application of carbon dioxide under the skin at acupuncture points along the spine and joints. There comes a strengthening of local circulation, which leads to a weakening of the pain and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The procedure has a great effect of reducing the pain of the spine and joints.
Laser therapy is a method of physical therapy, therapeutic use of radiation in the optical range, which is the source of the laser. Laser therapy is carried out by imposing radiator organs. The procedure normalizes the immune and vascular systems, activates metabolic processes in the body, has an analgesic effect.
Lymphodrainage is a method of treatment aimed at removing fluid and waste products from the intercellular space, improves lymph circulation. The procedure has an active effect on the entire lymphatic system, thereby relaxing the muscles, dilates blood vessels, lymph is circulated and uniformly distributed throughout the body.
Massage - mechanical or reflex action on tissues and organs in the form of rubbing, pressure, vibration conducted directly on a body surface like human hands and special devices. The most popular types of massage: classical, segmental (reflector), aromatic. Massage increases efficiency, eliminates fatigue, has a strengthening effect, prevents some diseases.
Mineral baths
Mineral baths (balneotherapy) is a type of physical therapy based on the use of mineral water. The procedure strengthens the body, normalizes metabolism, has a soothing, relaxing, antibacterial, soothing effect. Mineral baths are indicated for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, kidneys and urinary tract, nervous diseases.
Mug treatment
Mud therapy - one of the most useful and effective natural therapies. Local mud used for applications and as additives in the bath. Mud therapy is indicated for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin, urological and gynecological pathologies.
Parafango - wrapping a mixture of paraffin and sea mud micronized. The procedure is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as providing excellent cosmetic effect - now parafango use and as prevention and treatment of cellulite. The procedure provides stimulation of splitting fat tissue and has a restorative effect on the skin.
Spine stretching
It is a specific method of treatmen when the body of the patient, who is in the water in an oblique or upright, suspended load. This is the combined effects of water and a heavy load, thereby reducing muscle tone, increasing the distance between the vertebrae that helps to eliminate pain, reduce the displacement of intervertebral discs of the spine and relaxation.