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Official web-site: www.detenice.cz Region: Hradec Králové region Detenice (Dětenice) it is not only a beautiful castle, it is a real medieval castle resort. What makes the resort Dětenice so special? First of all a luxury castle in Baroque style, with ornate interiors, with antique furniture and wall paintings. He is known as a unique collection of weapons of the Knights of Malta the hunting trophies. Today the castle Dětenice is actively used for cultural events, banquets or weddings. Castle Dětenice a beautiful park, in which is certainly worth a stroll. Secondly, it is in Detenice is famous and popular medieval tavern Dětenice. Every evening, except Monday, before the eyes of the visitors are enchanting show with participation of fencers, fakirs, dancers, snake handlers and musicians. Do not be surprised and do not be offended if you offend a waitress or poorly served, carelessly thrown on the table your order - a medieval tavern exotic, give this institution a special atmosphere. There the soul will suffice for a long time, and bread and circuses. The third feature is the Dětenice Medieval hotel where perfectly get orders medieval and modern amenities. Fully all: atmosphere, interior, sometimes even frightening noises and sounds serve to guests feel at times we have just read or seen in the movies. Book a room in a medieval hotel here Finally, the last feature is the castle brewery Detenice Detenice. In addition to the delicious freshly-brewed beer brewery guests will be offered a variety of tours for the production of: a visit to the lab, old malthouse, the hall where the beer is brewed, where it is tracked, refrigeration room and other rooms. Just an hour's drive from Prague located the snout of the Middle Ages. Be sure to visit him in his journey to the Czech Republic to see the colorful Czech province. A drink Czech beer, stroll the castle and the park, watch an evening performance at the inn for dinner, and after the stay in the medieval hotel for the night.