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Region: Central Bohemian Region

Fairy Gothic castle Karlstejn is situated on a cliff next to the river Berounka 30 km from Prague (Praha). Karlstejn Castle - this is probably the most famous castle of the Czech Republic. Despite its elegance, Karlstejn has long been one of the most impregnable fortresses in Europe.
Founded in 1348 as a summer residence of Charles IV, as well as a treasure trove of imperial regalia and holy relics, gathering which was the passion of the monarch.
The centerpiece of the castle takes great tower of the chapel of the Holy Cross, consecrated in 1357. The paintings are decorated with semi-precious stones in the form of a cross, there is also a unique collection of 129 paintings from the Master dosochnyh Theodore They depict an ideal or approximate portraits of saints, saints, popes and bishops, holy rulers and religious teachers. Above the altar there is a niche, closed the gold bars, which are the imperial crown jewels and relics (replicas). Originals treasures stored in the Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) and exhibited every few years, only in the presence of extremely important occasion.
The Code represents the starry sky with the moon, the sun and the five planets then known.
Karlstejn Fortress unique one more remarkable - here, in comparison with all the other castles in Europe, there is the largest number of ghosts and scary. For example, the spirit of a shepherd with a sheep, twelve white ladies, rolling drums and fiery ghost knight on horseback.
Three times a year Karlštejn church is the venue for the Messiah, who attends even the Pope himself. In the big hall, the so-called Knights, concerts of classical music and all kinds of violin improvisations.
At the end of September in the town is a holiday dedicated to the harvest in the vineyards of the castle Karlštejn. Here you can not only taste wine (stum) and traditional Czech dishes, but also to see a theatrical show in medieval costumes, historical dancing and jousting tournaments.
Golf enthusiasts interested club located next to the castle. Crossed type of terrain, natural gorges, two lakes and many sand traps will satisfy even the seasoned players, and panoramic views of the castle Karlstejn give the game a unique atmosphere.
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