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National cuisine - a subject of pride of the French, because there is a real cult of food in France!

The French like to use brandy and wine for cooking - red wine, which is stewed meat, white wine, which is baked fish, gastronomic products give a special flavor and aroma of wine is often added to soups and broths. Choice of meat for a family dinner - a special ritual. Garnish meat dishes, too, should not be simple - as a rule, several kinds of vegetables and plenty of spices. Particularly noteworthy sauces, because they can change the taste of dishes beyond recognition!

For foreigners, the French kitchen - is, above all, exotic - clams, oysters, mussels, snails and the famous frog legs (they are usually fried or deep-fried breadcrumbs). Oysters are made to order in the brasserie (beer restaurants), they certainly offer you a suitable wine, most often it is champagne, Alsatian wines or Chardonnay. Taste oysters varies depending on the method of their preparation, but true connoisseurs eat them raw, seasoned with just a few drops of lemon juice and Tabasco sauce. By the way, the oysters are very good for health, it is pure protein with trace elements.

The legendary foie gras foie gras is prepared simply: in the liver are added spices, brandy, after which the semi-finished product is left on the ice - when the product promarinuetsya sufficiently, it adds Madeira and truffles are carefully milled and baked in a water bath. Subtlety cooking goose pate is geese themselves - for its production used a special breed of bird that live on a special diet (corn grain).

Snails on the table at the French usually occur around Christmas, eating these large snails, they are called Burgundy, marinated with lots of seasoning is considered a symbol of the good life. It is best to eat them or freeze for future use in November, when they fattened as it should. Later, they will fall into a deep sleep and after waking up in April will again be a few months to gain weight. Of small dark snails usually prepared sauces.

The most important point of the French meal is considered to be the right choice of drinks. It is said that the slightest error in alcoholic accompanied by dishes can completely destroy the impression.