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Baden-Baden - one of the most respected resorts in Germany, known not only centuries-old history, architectural monuments and magnificent terms, but eventful cultural life. In the Middle Ages, according to legend, the healing water of Baden-Baden helped defeat an epidemic of plague - to the Princess Katarina was the Reverend Mary, said to save the city from the terrible disease can only Baden water. Katarina ordered to open sources, to let the water through the city streets, and the disease has been defeated.

Known as the resort of Baden-Baden was in the XIX century, when he became the resting place of aristocratic strata of society, there is often a rest royal couple Prussia William and Augustus, Grand Duke Friedrich and no less than the Grand Duchess Louise von Baden, Ivan Turgenev and Pauline Viardot, Nikolai Gogol, Fedor Dostoevsky.

In Baden-Baden is very mild, almost Mediterranean climate due to its location in a valley protected from the wind by mountains. The average temperature in July and August range from +15 to + 17 ° C, and in winter, in December-January, falling to the level of +1 ... +5 ° C. The warm season lasts from May to October. Every day in the thermal baths of Baden-Baden receives about 800,000 liters of medicinal water from the hot springs 23. It is here that was discovered the hottest key in Germany, where the water temperature reaches 68.6 ° C.

resort architecture deserves special attention - a complex "Friedrichsbad" remains one of the most beautiful "bathing palace" in Europe, a unique combination of experience in the Roman and Irish term (bath with hot air, thermal, steam bath and pool for swimming), wellness treatments (thalassotherapy, fango, all kinds of massages and baths) are able to breathe force even the most weary traveler. Particular impression luxurious royal bathing Palace. Adorned with marble, brass, stucco and frescoes, it is equipped with the latest technology and offers the most diverse range of treatments. "Friedrichsbad" famous terms for special purposes - Roman-Irish baths, which help to heal the sick, and give healthy pleasure. This is - 2 hours continuing pleasure: the alternation of load and rest phases, the effects of thermal waters, hot wet steam and dry air cooling in the thermal pools of different temperatures, massage with brushes and soap scum, and pouring a cold shower. All this provides the most complex and powerful therapeutic benefit of mineral water.
Pimsko-Irish bath has a prophylactic, soothing and healing effect for colds, various forms of rheumatism, diseases of the nervous system.

Treatment methods used in the resort:
- Baths (thermal, carbon dioxide, oxygen, pearl, additives to baths)
- Massage (back, overall, underwater, stream, thermal water, connective tissue, manual lymph drainage: partial manual lymphatic drainage overall, reflex zones of the feet, with essential oils)
- Mud, mud wrap - full or partial
- Locomotor therapy and physiotherapy
- Electrotherapy
- Therapy with hot air, cold therapy
- Energy treatments (shiatsu-massage of the face, the general shiatsu-massage, Tui-na, tai chi, yoga, autogenous training),
- Imperial tub for two, including mineral water, juice or champagne.
- Different types of therapeutic exercises, fitness, anti-stress and wellness programs

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Stress
- Osteoarthritis, arthritis, spondylosis, discopathy
- Diabetes
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
- Diseases of the genitourinary system
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- Diseases of the spine
- Diseases of the joints and connective tissues
- Violations of the circulatory system
- Sleep Disorders
- Osteoporosis
- osteochondrosis
- Gout
- Beauty Programs
- Rejuvenation Program
- Rheumatic diseases
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Immunity

- Severe cardiovascular disease (only after consultation with your doctor)
- Varicose veins
- Open wounds

Prices for hotels and treatment programs - on request: spa@viziteurope.eu