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Dussseldorf is the capital of North Rhine, the political, business and cultural center of Germany. The oldest part of the city is the Altstadt, where the main bars, restaurants and shops of Düsseldorf are situated. The first settlements of the Germans near the river Dussel on the east bank of the Rhine existed even before the year 500, the first written mention of the village Dusseldorp refers to 1135. There are many old restaurants and cafes in the city center and of course a lot of beer pibs with a very famous "alt", which is traditionally brewed many breweries Düsseldorf.



In 1998 the Rhine promenade was awarded as the best example of urban development in Germany, there are many architectural and historical sites under state protection. Quay Tonhalle is a short walking part of the embankment to the north of Oberkassel bridge about 200 meters long, here the concert hall «Tonhalle» is located. Castle Quay originates at the bridge Bridge Oberkasseler - is located near the Academy of Fine Arts is located in the Rhine road tunnel. Near the waterfront is also the Basilica of St. Lambert - the oldest of the existing buildings of Düsseldorf. The promenade and the Town Hall Quay Mannesmann are very polular as well.

Altstadt Dusseldorf

Altstadt is the main historical attraction of Düsseldorf, as well as a great place for shopping, strolling and beer tasting - there are more than two hundred pubs, Irish pubs, cafes, restaurants and pizzerias. In addition, it is the center of Düsseldorf culture, where you can find the Academy of Arts and the Institute of Heinrich Heine.