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Spa Resorts in Germany

Select resort by specialization

Digestive diseases and disorders
Locomotive apparatus problems
Diseases resulting from metabolic and endocrine disorders
Kidneys and urinary tract
Cardiovascular system
Peripheral system
Respiratory tracts
Post injury recovery
Psoriasis skin diseases
Musculoskeletal disorders
Liver disease
Impotency disorders
Peripheral nervous system diseases
Circulatory system disorders
Mental Disorders
Vascular Diseases
Bad Reichenhall
Locomotive apparatus problems, Cardiovascular system
Bad Reichenhall - resort city, a city of 55 fountains and ancient architecture, is located in Bavaria, near the Austrian border. Even 150 years ago, the Bavarian King Ludwig I was convinced of the healing properties of the local saline springs, peat, forest air and a mild climate that had spent a month with his entourage, which further contributed to the growth in popularity of Bad Reichenhall primarily as a resort for the treatment of bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Mineral salts Bad Reichenhall used for drinking, inhalations, rinse, salt baths, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Another healing tool of the local region is the mountain pine: in 1856, Matthias Mack, a pharmacist and a long-term mayor of Bad Reichenhall, discovered the usefulness of essential oils and extracts derived from this tree.
Excellent therapeutic effect give local mud, rock alpine air fills every cell of the body with oxygen.

Its history goes back centuries: in Bad Reichenhall and its surroundings you can see ancient fortress of XII - XIII centuries, admire the castle Martsol, leading its existence since the time of the Roman Empire and restored after numerous destructions in the XVII century, visit the museum or the Museum of Bad Rayhenhaller. Kvellenbau telling about the origin and development of the salt mines, the salt of the technique of production.

Treatment methods used in the resort:
- Inhalation
- Bath
- Mud Wraps
- Massages
- Aqua-gymnastics, medical gymnastics
- Breathing exercises
- Procedures based on extracts of mountain pine

Hotel services and facilities as swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, various types of baths, Kneipp method procedures, fitness center, beauty salon, tennis courts, outdoor chess, golf courses and bike tours.

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Gynecology
- Diseases of the venous system and vennoy
- Respiratory system diseases
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- Skin diseases
- Rheumatic diseases
- Cardiovascular diseases
- Chronic bronchitis

- Chronic diseases in the acute stage
- Acute infectious and inflammatory diseases
- Oncological diseases
- Acute heart failure
- Some skin diseases.

Prices for hotels and treatment programs - on request:
Locomotive apparatus problems, Peripheral system
Locomotive apparatus problems, Peripheral system
Wiesbaden - the capital of the German state of Hesse with a high level of medical care, there is a popular healthy lifestyle - more than 500 km of marked hiking and cycling paths, trails for Nordic Walking - Nordic Walking fast, very popular bike tours or walks.

Wiesbaden is conveniently located twenty minutes by train - and you are in Frankfurt, Germany's business capital; Half an hour on the highway - and you are in Mainz, ancient episcopal city with a Romanesque cathedral; hour pleasure boat on the Rhine - and you are in one of the small medieval villages that seem toy - Ryudesgeym, Eltville, Ingolstadt, Eberbach Monastery.

In Wiesbaden there springs 27, all of the sodium chloride-nature, except for one - "Faulbrunnen" (14 ° C), the temperature is hot and most of them reaches + 66 ° C. The hottest and powerful of them - the source of "Kohbrunnen" - Boiling water well, which unites 15 hot keys, continually pushes to the surface 346 liters of water, the temperature of + 66 ° C. This thermal spring "feeds" the new water complex Thermal city of Wiesbaden "Aukammtal". Also, amazing huge sauna landscape in the famous Roman-Irish Baths of the Kaiser Friedrich. Today in Wiesbaden are several thermal spas.

Kaiser Friedrich Therme - a large number of saunas, which surround the Roman-Irish bath in the famous Baths of the Kaiser Friedrich. The total area of ​​about 1,450 sq.m. Hot bath temperature of + 34 ° C and + 37 ° C, the classic Roman-Irish pair (42-45 ° C), Russian bath and Finnish sauna (85-90 ° C), samarium - special sauna with aromatherapy oils, and color- phototherapy (air temperature 55-60 ° C), a room for rest and relaxation, the cool refreshing pool (22-24 ° C) as well as: sand baths, solarium, massage, various wraps, balneotherapy Kneipp method and other wellness treatments .

Opelbad - outdoor pool complex, spread out on the territory of 14,500 sq.m among the flowers and trees, at a height that allows to admire the panorama of the surrounding area of ​​Wiesbaden.

Therme Aukammtal ( "Aukammtal"), recently renovated, offers indoor and outdoor pools, 8 different saunas, and a variety of treatments based on Chinese medicine tradition.

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Allergic diseases
- Stress
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- Nervous exhaustion
- Restorative, preventive and therapeutic programs
- Rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the locomotor system
- Rheumatic diseases

- Chronic diseases in an acute form
- Some skin diseases

Prices for hotels and treatment programs - on request: