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General Terms and Conditions

Travel agencies VIZIT EUROPE Ltd.

These general conditions for passengers Travel agencies VIZIT EUROPE Ltd. headquartered in Prague 2, Vinohradská street 343/6, 120 00, Czech Republic (hereinafter the "Conditions") constitute an integral part of the travel contract, which is concluded between the travel agency VIZIT EUROPE Ltd. (hereinafter "TA Vizit Europe ') and the customer . Customer signing the travel contract confirms that he is acquainted with the Terms and agrees with them.

1. Establishment of the contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the customer and TA Vizit Europe arises signing the travel contract. Travel contract applies to all other persons mentioned in the contract customer login. For the obligations of other persons enrolled customer takes by mouth. §546 Civil Code liability. Customer and other people are logged on travel contracts jointly and severally.

2. Prices Stay

Prices include staying quote residence of their choice; possibly presented prices are optional services. When signing, the customer shall pay 100% of this service. Charge for ordered services, the customer agrees to pay in cash or by bank transfer; TA Vizit Europe said the portal TA VIZIT EUROPE -, also using a credit card through an online store Any payment of the travel contract is deemed to be paid upon receiving the payment on account, TA Vizit Europe conducted by the financial institution. Unless agreed otherwise, Customer acknowledges that failure to comply with this deadline may TA Vizit Europe Travel terminate the contract and follow the cancellation conditions according to point. Sixth CA VIZIT EUROPE is entitled to at least 21 days before your arrival day to unilaterally increase the package price or other services mentioned in the travel contract, and only in the event of an increase in the exchange rate of the Czech crown used in determining the price of accommodation and services by an average of more than 10%. TA Vizit Europe is obliged to inform the client of this fact in writing at least 21 days before the first drawdown services.

3. Changes in contracted services

If the TA Vizit Europe forced by objective reasons to change the conditions of the travel contract concluded between the client and the TA Vizit Europe, the customer is obliged to propose an amendment to the travel contract, including the price and these factors inform the customer immediately. The customer has the right to decide whether to accept the change or withdraw from the contract. In the event that the price proposed services would be higher, it is necessary to pay the price difference, in case the price of the proposed services will be lower, TA Vizit Europe Unlike the customer returns by wire transfer to the account from which the payment from the customer arrived.

4. Change agreed services during the provision of services

If TA VIZIT EUROPE properly and timely does not provide the agreed service or parts thereof, or finds that it will be able to properly and timely service that we provide is obligated TA Vizit Europe without delay and without charge take such measures that the client provide alternative services in identical quality and scope that approaching the originally agreed terms. If you cannot secure the services otherwise than through the services of a lower quality than that specified in the travel contract, is obligated TA Vizit Europe to return to the customer the difference in price.

5. Changes agreed services from the customer

a) Change of drawing date first service (boarding day trip)
• within a period longer than 10 days before it is possible to change the date of travel, while maintaining the same quality and content of the tour free of charge;
• Within less than 10 days is considered a change according to the current point of cancellation see. Section 6.
b) The name change, the inclusion of an alternate without charge

6. Cancellation - withdrawal rights and obligations of TA VIZIT EUROPE

The customer is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract at any time before the commencement of the first service. The withdrawal must be in writing and must be signed by the customer. Effectiveness of withdrawal is determined by the date of receipt of withdrawal from the contract in writing to the headquarters of the company or the client center of the company. When withdrawing from the travel contract, the customer is obliged to pay compensation amounting to:
• 50% of the price if the withdrawal period between 2 days before the date of the first booked service
• 100% of the price if the withdrawal 24 hours before the first booked service
If the customer fails to draw the first day of the ordered services and paid services starts to draw, TA Vizit Europe has a right to full payment of the price.
TA Vizit Europe can before the first service to withdraw from the contract if the objective reasons cannot comply with the conditions of the travel contract (especially due to unavoidable circumstances that could VIZIT EUROPE avoided even if all reasonable efforts) or for breach of duty by the customer, which is considered including the following cases:
• the customer does not come to the place of beginning pumping paid services, which are specified in the contract
• Customer pays package price within a specified period and for a specific amount or in full.

7. Obligations of the customer

a) Provide TA Vizit Europe complete and truthful information in the travel contract or addendum, including ordering any changes to these data, in order to ensure proper services. Customer agrees to provide contact information such as address, phone, fax, e-mail.
b) Without unnecessary delay TA Vizit Europe's standpoint to potential changes in the terms and content of the travel contract
c) Taking over from TA Vizit Europe documents necessary for obtaining services (vouchers); method of forwarding travel documents are agreed with the customer at the conclusion of the travel contract
d) To appear at the appointed time to the place of beginning pumping contracted services
e) Customer bears full responsibility for the validity and accuracy of all documents, including visas, which are required for entry into the target destinations
f) The customer is obliged to behave so as not to cause damage to property or health of other customers, service suppliers, or TA Vizit Europe and must pay for the damage that would be caused by that act.

8. Violation of the customer's obligation

For breach of duty to the customer in addition to violations of specific obligations arising from the travel contract concluded considered even if the customer seriously disrupt the tour and also cases where the customer is clearly under the influence of narcotics and drugs. Customer acknowledges that in case of withdrawal TA Vizit Europe from the travel contract due to breach of duty by the customer, he is not entitled to a refund of part of the price of services, which were not drawn.

9. Insurance

The price does not include medical expenses for trips abroad (unless otherwise stated). Insurance advised to take out separately from any insurance company authorized to provide such insurance.

10. The complaint

If the scope or quality of services provided is lower than it was previously agreed, the customer is entitled to claim. His the complaint must be filed by TA VIZIT EUROPE writing without delay, but not later than 3 months after the end of the stay according to the travel contract, otherwise the right customer on a complaint expires. The customer can claim for his person and for the person for whom the services claimed in its travel contract ordered. If it is a removable defect, the customer is obliged in terms of §415 and §417. In your own interest by telephone and subsequently in writing to file a complaint immediately after its detection in the travel agency that could have prevented the damage. Workers TA VIZIT EUROPE required to settle the claim within 30 days of receipt of the complaint.

11. Error in the press

TA Vizit Europe reserves the right to mistake the published prices or term, binding on the seller and the buyer is only the price indicated on valid travel contract.

12. Final Provisions

Changing these Terms reserved. The new version of the Terms becomes effective upon publication of the portal TA Vizit Europe