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1. Object

Complaints Rules along with the General Terms and Conditions tours tour organizer hereinafter ("Travel Agency"), which are an integral part thereof, within the meaning zák.č.159 / 1999 Coll., As amended, the Civil Code and zák.č.634 / 1992 Coll., as amended, regulates customer claims arising from liability for defects in the travel agency services provided tourism (Data only "complaint") and their handling.

2. Complaints

2.1 Travel agency is responsible to the customer in terms of §852i paragraph 1) of the Civil Code for breach of obligations arising from the travel contract concluded.
2.2 The customer provides cooperation in dealing with complaints, particularly giving information, submitting documents proving the facts, allowing representatives of travel agencies and representatives of service supplier’s access to the space to be able to convince them of the legitimacy of the claim.

3. Application of complaints

3.1 The customer must lodge a claim within the meaning §852i paragraph 2) of the Civil Code, without undue delay, but not later than three months from the end of the trip or if the package does not materialize, the date on which the trip should have ended according to the Travel Contract.
3.2 If the conclusion of the travel contract mediated by another travel agency or travel agency is §852i period according to paragraph 2) of the Civil Code is retained even if the customer did properly and in time for mediating travel agency or travel agency.
3.3 A complaint may be filed orally or in writing, in which a claim on the ground will allow the removal of defects immediately, respectively. The customer when the claim stating its name, permanent address, date, reason and the subject of the complaint, specifying requirements in terms of reason and amount, and if possible subject of the complaint factually prove conclusively. At the same time, submit document of the service provided.

4. Complaint Handling

4.1 Claims, including the removal of defects must be settled according zák.634 / 1992 without undue delay immediately, in complicated cases until 3 working days; this time period does not adequately according to the type of service required for expert assessment of the defect. Claims, including the removal of defects must be settled without undue delay, but not later than 30 days from the provable claim, unless the customer is not a longer period is agreed.
4.2 If the complaint is not fully complied with immediately, writes representative of the travel agency customer protocol / acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint. The protocol / acknowledgment of receipt of a claim or filing a written complaint must be specified when a customer complaint asserted, customer's personal information, what is the content and the subject of the complaint, the filing date of the complaint. If the customer passes representatives travel agency documents, or other documents related to the complaint, this must be the protocol / acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint explicitly stated. Both parties must sign protocol / acknowledgment of receipt of the complaint.

5. Methods of handling complaints

5.1 In cases where the claim is assessed as fully or partly justified, is handling complaints particularly in the services free remedy or complementing tourism services. According to the nature of the complaint, it is possible to provide customers with alternative tourism services, upon agreement, provide a reasonable discount on the price or other suitable way.
5.2 In cases where the claim is deemed unfounded, the customer is informed in writing of the reasons for rejecting the claim within the meaning of Section 19, paragraph 3) zák.634 / 1992 as amended.
5.3 If there are circumstances that emerged, progressed and ev. result does not depend on the will, activities and procedure of travel agencies (force majeure) or circumstances that are on the side of the customer, based on which the customer does not fully use ordered, travel agency manager, he is not entitled to a refund of the price paid or discount on the price.

6. Final Provisions

6.1 In other respects the provisions of generally binding legislation.
6.2 Complaints Rules shall become valid and effectual February 24, 2013