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Balatonfüred is the most popular resort of the north shore of Lake Balaton. The first hotels were opened here at the end of XIX century. From the central square Dёd begins Blaha Lujza Street which is named after the singer and actress of the century. Almost all the buildings here are protected as monuments of architecture (baroque and classical). Due to the location of the lake on the one side and the oak forest on the mountain Bakony on the other, there is always clean, fresh air, mild winters and cool summers.

Balatonfüred is an old health resort, although at one time attracted visitors here are not the lake itself, and natural carbon dioxide sources of healing water which has been used for medicinal purposes and for drinking and for various kinds of baths. Near the source of the batter in the center of the park, it is well-known in the world cardiological sanatorium, where the treatment of people with cardiovascular disease. The local climate is particularly useful cores and high blood pressure. The resort has a large number of hotels lining the shore of the lake.

The northern shore of Lake Balaton is traditionally famous for its hiking trails, paved the forests, mountain ranges, offering a wonderful view of the lake. There definitely like fishermen and hunters, the benefit of fish and game is no shortage, and hunting rules govern the active form of relaxation. The resort opened a sports center where the work pool, playground for playing sports, shooting, bobsleigh track. Specially organized service for horse riding, bike rides, swims on yachts, football, basketball, clay pidgeon shooting.

The main feature of this resort is the healing water containing 1100-1400 mg per liter of dissolved carbon dioxide. That is its property is used in the treatment of cardiac diseases. In addition, sources of water containing lime compounds, iron sulphide. Bathing procedure dilates blood vessels, lower blood pressure, help to normalize blood flow.

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Rehabilitation after surgery
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
- Gallbladder disease
- diabetes
- cardiovascular diseases
- Musculoskeletal system

- In the acute form of the disease