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Spa Resorts in Hungary

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Digestive diseases and disorders
Locomotive apparatus problems
Diseases resulting from metabolic and endocrine disorders
Kidneys and urinary tract
Cardiovascular system
Peripheral system
Respiratory tracts
Post injury recovery
Psoriasis skin diseases
Musculoskeletal disorders
Liver disease
Impotency disorders
Peripheral nervous system diseases
Circulatory system disorders
Mental Disorders
Vascular Diseases
Digestive diseases and disorders, Respiratory tracts, Diseases resulting from metabolic and endocrine disorders, Cardiovascular system
Balatonfüred is the most popular resort of the north shore of Lake Balaton. The first hotels were opened here at the end of XIX century. From the central square Dёd begins Blaha Lujza Street which is named after the singer and actress of the century. Almost all the buildings here are protected as monuments of architecture (baroque and classical). Due to the location of the lake on the one side and the oak forest on the mountain Bakony on the other, there is always clean, fresh air, mild winters and cool summers.

Balatonfüred is an old health resort, although at one time attracted visitors here are not the lake itself, and natural carbon dioxide sources of healing water which has been used for medicinal purposes and for drinking and for various kinds of baths. Near the source of the batter in the center of the park, it is well-known in the world cardiological sanatorium, where the treatment of people with cardiovascular disease. The local climate is particularly useful cores and high blood pressure. The resort has a large number of hotels lining the shore of the lake.

The northern shore of Lake Balaton is traditionally famous for its hiking trails, paved the forests, mountain ranges, offering a wonderful view of the lake. There definitely like fishermen and hunters, the benefit of fish and game is no shortage, and hunting rules govern the active form of relaxation. The resort opened a sports center where the work pool, playground for playing sports, shooting, bobsleigh track. Specially organized service for horse riding, bike rides, swims on yachts, football, basketball, clay pidgeon shooting.

The main feature of this resort is the healing water containing 1100-1400 mg per liter of dissolved carbon dioxide. That is its property is used in the treatment of cardiac diseases. In addition, sources of water containing lime compounds, iron sulphide. Bathing procedure dilates blood vessels, lower blood pressure, help to normalize blood flow.

Indications for treatment at the resort:
- Rehabilitation after surgery
- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
- Gallbladder disease
- diabetes
- cardiovascular diseases
- Musculoskeletal system

- In the acute form of the disease
Oncology, Digestive diseases and disorders, Peripheral system, Respiratory tracts, Gynecology
Gynecology, Locomotive apparatus problems, Peripheral system
The first swimming pool in Hajduszoboslo was opened on July 26, 1927. The quantity of baths has grown over the years and now it is the biggest bathing complex in Europe, which combines:

- Treatment department with 7 thermal pools, rooms for relaxation and treatment rooms;
- An open area of ​​30 hectares, where there is also the Mediterranean coast with a sandy beach, a pirate ship, a lighthouse and palm trees, and 13 swimming pools and water slides and playgrounds; Here you can ride on a water bike, boat, play beach volleyball, table tennis, beach soccer and even chess; in bars and restaurants on the nearby beach you can taste not only the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine, but also serves other countries;
- Water park of 1 hectare with a large variety of water slides, a water castle, beach pools, sculptures of animals in life-size and children's playground;
- Aqua Palace - indoor complex (15 pools), where there is a swimming pool with massage elements, water slides (the length of the large hill is 74 meters), children's pools, games (and even sleeping quarters for the youngest visitors), pools with healing water, swimming pool, movie theater, there is in this complex and the swimming pool, where you can work out surfing, facilities for squash, spinning, table tennis, swimming pool for aqua fitness.

A small Hungarian town of Hajduszoboslo is famous, above all as one of the best spa resorts in the country. Thanks to the "hot gold" (so-called local curative water), the flow of tourists here unabated throughout the year. Besides wonderful curative effect, it is still possible to get and a lot of impressions. After all, the city is concentrated with a lot of historical sites and museums, not to mention all sorts of restaurants, bars, pubs, coffee shops and other places of leisure.

Indications to stay in the resort:
- Chronic inflammation of the joints (arthritis)
- Degenerative changes of the joints (arthritis)
- Various chronic degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the joints (spondylosis, ankylosing spondylitis, chondrosis)
- Chronic pain in the nerves, nerve inflammation (neuralgia, neuritis)
- Rehabilitation for paralysis that developed as a result of polio, cerebral hemorrhage, brain surgery or for other reasons
- Chronic muscle pain (myalgia)
- Rehabilitation after sports and other injuries
- With a long healing fractures contributes to the formation of calluses
- Some forms of vasoconstriction
- Chronic gynecological diseases (chronic inflammation of the appendages)
- infertility
- Chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis)

- Acute inflammatory processes
- Malignant tumors
- Vascular insufficiency
- Severe hypertension
- Severe central nervous system diseases
- infectious diseases
- Infectious, causing disgust skin diseases
- Pregnancy
Gynecology, Peripheral system, Locomotive apparatus problems, Diseases resulting from metabolic and endocrine disorders
Heviz is located in 200 km from Budapest and 6 km from Lake Balaton. The first official mention of the thermal lake of therapeutic properties of water dates back to 1769 year, and at the beginning of the XIX century near the lake built a tavern, a hotel, a building for the reception of patients, stable. Gradually, Hévíz has become one of the major hospitals in Europe. In 1945, the state was built rheumatological clinic them. St. Andrew. In 1965, the reconstructed old bath in the lake, and in 1968 opened its doors to the winter bathing.

The proximity of Lake Balaton and the town of Keszthely offers opportunities for cultural activities and sports. Very popular festivals of wine, beer, performances of gypsy bands, folk groups, operetta evenings, street dances, football matchi.Ozero Heviz and unique in its size and chemical composition of water. The lake is located in the crater of the sleeping volcano and thus has the shape of a funnel, it reaches a depth of 38.5 m. Of the lake area of ​​4.7 hectares. Water temperature is C + 35-36 ° at the bottom and C + 28-35 ° from the surface. Every day, the lake receives 60-80 million liters of water. This huge mass of fluid is in constant motion.

The lake water belongs to the weakly radioactive and thermal waters, due to the high temperature and mineral content of a number of macro- and micronutrients, can successfully treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as osteoarthritis, low back pain, ankylosing spondylitis. Beneficial effect water has on the people in the post-traumatic period, improves the skin condition psoriasis, mouthwash treats periodontal disease.

The lake water contains radon gas (a thousandth of a maximum allowable daily dose of radiation), which has immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, promotes the penetration of mineral substances through the skin into the human body. Mineral springs Heviz suitable for drinking, using water treated chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications for treatment:
- Chronic diseases of limbs
- rheumatism
- osteochondrosis
- Inactive form of gout
- Nervous exhaustion and disorder of the autonomic nervous system
- Functional neurological diseases
- Gynecological diseases (such as uterine adhesions, infertility, menstrual disorders)
- Post-traumatic and postoperative rehabilitation

- Malignant tumors
- cardiovascular diseases
- Hypertension, arteriosclerosis
- Venous thrombosis
- leukemia
- asthma
- eczema
- Thyroid disease
- diabetes
- pregnancy
Respiratory tracts, Gynecology, Peripheral system
Sarvar is located in western part of Hungary, at an altitude of 112 m above sea level, close to the Austrian border, 193 km from Budapest and 120 km from Vienna, 25 km from the counties of the capital - the city of Szombathely. Sarvar is rich in cultural and historical sights. The main attraction of the resort Sarvar and his business card - one of the most beautiful Hungarian medieval castle Nadasdy, surrounded by the park. Ornament Sharvarskogo botanical park on the banks of the creek Dёndёsh considered 36-meter pyramidal oak and four oaks, which are more than 400 years.

Natural climatic factors of the resort:
- Mild temperate continental climate,
- Two types of water: thermal hydro-chloride sodium water 43 ° C temperature at a depth of 1200 m is used for balneological and thermal pools and thermal highly mineralized (45 - 50 g / l) yodobromistaya chloride sodium water 83 ° C temperature with a high content of fluorine .

The mineral component of the healing waters sharvarskih sources used for the manufacture of cosmetics, as well as for cooking and bathing in balneolechebnitsa home. Sarvar Salt is also used for inhalation for respiratory diseases, particularly effective in asthma.

Therapeutic bath has a healing pool, "with effects", a sauna complex, a swimming pool for babies, medical center. Moreover, the beach season is a swimming pool with a slide, a springboard to the bay, wave pool and a children's "adventure pool". Special service sharvarskoy bath - salt cave. Special microclimate here is beneficial in chronic inflammation of the respiratory and asthma.

Indications for treatment:
- Asthma
- Gynecology
- Respiratory diseases
- Respiratory diseases
- Central nervous system diseases
- Skin diseases
- Rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the locomotor system

- Severe heart disease and circulatory
- Respiratory failure
- Thrombosis
- Diseases of veins.