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Sarvar is located in western part of Hungary, at an altitude of 112 m above sea level, close to the Austrian border, 193 km from Budapest and 120 km from Vienna, 25 km from the counties of the capital - the city of Szombathely. Sarvar is rich in cultural and historical sights. The main attraction of the resort Sarvar and his business card - one of the most beautiful Hungarian medieval castle Nadasdy, surrounded by the park. Ornament Sharvarskogo botanical park on the banks of the creek Dёndёsh considered 36-meter pyramidal oak and four oaks, which are more than 400 years.

Natural climatic factors of the resort:
- Mild temperate continental climate,
- Two types of water: thermal hydro-chloride sodium water 43 ° C temperature at a depth of 1200 m is used for balneological and thermal pools and thermal highly mineralized (45 - 50 g / l) yodobromistaya chloride sodium water 83 ° C temperature with a high content of fluorine .

The mineral component of the healing waters sharvarskih sources used for the manufacture of cosmetics, as well as for cooking and bathing in balneolechebnitsa home. Sarvar Salt is also used for inhalation for respiratory diseases, particularly effective in asthma.

Therapeutic bath has a healing pool, "with effects", a sauna complex, a swimming pool for babies, medical center. Moreover, the beach season is a swimming pool with a slide, a springboard to the bay, wave pool and a children's "adventure pool". Special service sharvarskoy bath - salt cave. Special microclimate here is beneficial in chronic inflammation of the respiratory and asthma.

Indications for treatment:
- Asthma
- Gynecology
- Respiratory diseases
- Respiratory diseases
- Central nervous system diseases
- Skin diseases
- Rehabilitation after injuries and operations of the locomotor system

- Severe heart disease and circulatory
- Respiratory failure
- Thrombosis
- Diseases of veins.