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If the purpose of the trip - not only bright holiday and familiarity with the European places, but also the correction of health, the best solution and the best route to be considered is Hungary. There is a huge number of medical centers with unique thermal springs. And the best option - it is a holiday with the maximum health benefits: Hungarian Balneological resorts are waiting for the guests all year round, a rich cultural program and tranquility of Old Europe.
The famous Hungarian thermal spa water include a great number of elements such as calcium, fluorine, magnesium, sulfates, chlorides, with a significant content of fluoride ion, hydrogenic-carbonate-sodium, fluoride, metaboric acid, magnesium hydrogen-carbonate. All thermal and mineral springs are thoroughly research the results of which they issued certificates, giving the opportunity to provide health services to tourists.

Indications to visit the hungarian thermal resorts are:
- chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system
- gynecological diseases
- neuritis
- chronic gastric ulcer
- chronic gastritis
- chronic and acute respiratory disease
- gastrointestinal disease, including gall bladder
- kidney stone disease.

Since the healing waters of Hungary have a very strong effect, then there are several common medical contraindications, under which the use of these waters is not recommended. Thermal Hotels in Hungary - the country's business card. There are about 60 thousand of water sources, 1152 of them at a temperature of more than +30 ° C. It is in Hungary is the only European cave therapeutic bath (Miskolctapolca), as well as the most famous in Europe, Lake Heviz natural volcanic hot thermal water (+33 ° C). And if Hungary is called Empire baths, its capital Budapest is rightly considered the capital of the thermal baths. There are130 springs with medicinal water, which provide more than 70 million liters of water a day with a temperature of +24 to +78 ° C.
Globally, Hungary is a leader in spa treatment. The country is one of the five richest countries in the world with thermal water. Emperors, kings, nobles, well-known public figures, guests and locals for centuries enjoyed here swimming and rehabilitation.

Favourable characteristics of the water accumulated over many years of knowledge and experience, the traditional Hungarian hospitality - this is the basis of the widest range of proposals for the Hungarian thermal, biosphere, spa and wellness resorts. Treatment in Hungary resorts - is a high class recreation and therapy in highly of acceptable prices, it is getting rid of ailments while exploring the wonderful country, the combination of the unique effects of thermal waters and the Hungarian hospitality.