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Thermal Spa Montegrotto Terme is part of the resort of Abano Terme, specialized in mud therapy and balneotherapy. The resort boasts an excellent mild climate: the average summer temperature is kept at around + 32 ° C, while in winter the thermometer can rise to + 22 ° C. From ancient times there were ancient colonnade, reminiscent of the times of the Roman Empire. Dark and Middle Ages presents the churches, cathedrals and fortresses, preserved in different ways, but regardless of this remind of the past greatness of dynasties that ruled the area at different times.

Today Montegrotto Terme, one of the most popular resorts in the country, because local sources of water, except that kind, also have healing properties. Therefore, this type of spa resort, it is particularly useful in mineral water for people suffering from diseases of the muscles and sustavov.Smes natural clay mud Abano comes from thermal water izvergshihsya igneous rocks, algae and microorganisms. For the convenience of visitors to the territory of Montegrotto Terme there are more than hundreds of pools, and there are indoor and outdoor kompleksy.Zdes dominated by small and cozy hotel, where you get a full range of spa treatments for a very reasonable price.

After treatments at the resort you can always go for a walk around the city, where there is plenty of entertainment for tourists. You can go to one of the small restaurants to enjoy local culinary delights. Local chefs prepare interesting dishes mixing tradition in the formulation of the Italian, French and German cuisines.
At the same time it is close to the beautiful cities such as Venice, Verona, Vicenza and, of course, Padua, which is the administrative center of the region.

Thermal waters and mud of Montegrotto Terme have a therapeutic and preventive effects in various diseases, as well as contribute to the regulation of metabolism.
The thermal waters of Montegrotto have geothermal origin. Their uniqueness is due to long-term adherence to the underground for 50 years before entering the earth's surface in Abano Terme. The water comes from environmentally friendly pool and then slowly goes on the bowels of the earth, passing through calcareous rock and exposed to strong pressure and high temperature, while feasting healing components and mineral salts. At the output it has a temperature in 75-87˚ C.

Mud Montegrotto spa area are mud of the Euganean Hills. They are a mixture of several components, saturated organic and inorganic components.
In a specially equipped bath-tanks they undergo a long process of maturation in contact with thermal water. During this time they absorb organic compounds, minerals, salt and microorganisms, thereby endowed with highly therapeutic properties. Through this process, the mud becomes a pharmacological product quality, providing a variety of therapeutic effects:
• analgesic;
• detoxification;
• relaxing;
• anti-inflammatory;
• restoring the mineral balance;
• healing;
• restoring vitality.

Medical indications for treatment at the resort:
- Diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract;
- The effects of stress;
- Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (spine, joints and connective tissues);
- Gynecology (postmenopausal syndrome, and hormonal imbalance);
- Skin diseases (dermatology);
- Extra-articular rheumatism etiology (rheumatism, tendons, fibrous syndrome);
- Chronic diseases of the veins,
- Rehabilitation in thermal water.

Health-building courses include:
- Sessions in the steam grotto,
- Ionized aerosols and mineral baths with a little water,
- Inhalation of mineral-based,
- Various kinds of massages,
- Hydro,
- Morning exercises outdoors, in the gym or pool,
- Lymphatic drainage.

Prices for hotels and treatment programs - on request: