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Montecatini Terme is a small town, where the most famous and popular spa resorts, while the city is very well located. It is wonderful for those who like to combine rest of the city with easy access to the ski and sea resorts in Italy, and to historical and cultural centers of the country. Montecatini Terme can be reached in several ways: by car or bus, as in the train station to Lucca, Florence and Viareggio.
According to the resort town it is best to go on foot, because it is quite small. All its historic center at its widest point is 1.5 km, and some streets are narrow for the passage of vehicles.

Montecatini Alto - a historic part of town, it is located on the highest point of the hill. From there, a great view of all the surroundings and the beautiful, picturesque nature. To get to this part of town can be on a cable car, which operates since 1898, and sit in a local restaurant or cafe. Even here you can see a lot of interesting sights. For example, the Carmine church, she is known for her altar board of the 14th century. You can also visit the medieval castle, which has preserved its appearance from the 13th century. Nearby is a beautiful park, there are walking almost everyone who comes to the treatment of water. Many of the buildings in this place built in the Art Nouveau style and look very nice. And just an hour's drive away is the village where Leonardo da Vinci was born.

There are eight hot springs, the water of which is used to treat. Basically it is the drinking of mineral water, it has many beneficial properties and is very actively affects the gastrointestinal tract and of the respiratory organs. For this purpose, five sources of water, the other three used for mineral and mud baths. Indications for this treatment are completely different, it may be a disease of the digestive system and the musculoskeletal system, and respiratory diseases and dysfunctions of the stomach or metabolism. In Montecatini Terme there are balneological, which is open year-round - "Grochcho Institute". It has a thermal pool where you can take a course of therapeutic exercises under the supervision of a specialist, and then held physiotherapy, massages and rehabilitation courses. In the presence of a solarium in the open air.

"Bathing Excelsior" - another treatment center, it hosts a variety of medical and cosmetic procedures plan. There is an indoor pool with thermal water, various saunas and a fountain. The center uses the latest equipment for the treatment and the various spa treatments. Even in this city a very unusual solarium, there are sunbathing lying in the bath with thermal water. The resort is not enough at any hotel hosts its own medical procedures, so it is better to pay in specialized centers.

And in the heart of the resort located one another bath, the most ancient and popular in the city - it Tettuccio. The first three sources were laid here even in the construction of the resort in the late 18th century. Now it is a large medical center, which offer a variety of services: mud therapy, hydrotherapy and massages.

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