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Cuisine of Spain - one of the main attractions of the country. Spanish cuisine is fairly simple, it is the basis of onions, garlic, peppers, herbs, sage and olive oil. For many of the dishes are typical cooking methods such as roasting on the grill, bake with goat cheese and stewed in wine.

All Mediterranean cuisine in something similar. It is not surprising to find in a traditional Spanish cuisine elements of Italian and French dishes. For example, in the Catalan kitchen mandatory and even the main component are all kinds of sauces, including four basic: "sofrito" (sofrito) - garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, herbs; "Samfaina" (samfaina) - tomatoes, peppers, eggplant; "Piccadilly" (picada) - garlic, herbs, roasted almonds; "Ali-oli" (ali-oli) - garlic with olive oil. Each regional cuisine of Spain was influenced by climatic conditions, the life and customs of the population, traditions and history.

Spain - Mediterranean country and, consequently, Spaniards are very fond of fish and seafood. Dishes with seafood found everywhere: in restaurants, in homes, in shops. But in spite of everything, fish delicacies - it is not important, that offers us a Spanish cuisine. It turns out that in reality, in the traditional cuisine of the country more than meat dishes.

Everyone who puteshest Spain must necessarily enjoy, have become classics and pride of Spain: Valencia's famous paella (paella, rice with seafood), delicious gazpacho (gazpacho, a cold tomato soup), a popular Spanish omelet of potatoes and eggs - tortilla (tortilla), cult churros (churros, something like donuts, cookies) with hot chocolate, spicy sausage choriso (chorizo), a well-known Spanish blue cheese Cabrales (Cabrales) and national gourmet ham ham (jamon).